Brand Origins

Huge lava flows reach like fingers into the harbour. The view from the vineyard site is spectacular.

Ancient eruptions have endowed Canterbury with a spectacular landform called Banks Peninsula. Rising up from the Canterbury Plains, the harbours of Akaroa and Lyttelton townships are the twin craters of an ancient volcano, and the surrounding hills and fertile land are a result of its eruptions. These harbours are among the world’s outstanding examples of eroded and flooded craters.

The first vintage produced by The Crater Rim was from a small hillside vineyard, high above the town of Akaroa on Banks Peninsula – and so the brand ‘The Crater Rim’ was born.

Banks Peninsula has a far-reaching effect on the climate of the whole Canterbury province, and so we have carried The Crater Rim brand to encompass all the wines we produce from the Canterbury sub-regions of Akaroa, Waipara, Burnham and Omihi.